About Me

In pursuit of non-obvious ideas with non-negligible impact.

Q: Who are you and what is this blog about?
I am based in Hong Kong and work in fin-tech. Outside of work, I “book” regular appointments with books (unsurprisingly) and other medium that spreads ideas. This blog is my attempt to capture ideas that are not so obvious, but not to be ignored.

Q: What are some readings you’ve enjoyed recently? (Will update this from time to time)
Last update: 2020 October

Quiet by Susan Cain
This book introduces a new way to define introversion vs. extroversion: how people react to stimulus. Debunks myths around introversion, e.g., introverted is not the same as shy. Highly recommended especially for parents, teachers and managers.

Blueprint by Nicholas A. Christakis
I don’t usually read books on anthropology – but I have to say this one is both mind-opening and accessible. No prior knowledge in the field needed, and tons of interesting examples from how survivors of shipwreck socialize with each other to the parallels between the animal world and the human species.

Samsung Rising by Geoffrey Cain
History of Samsung narrated in a captivating tone. Like other books in the genre of investigative journalism, this book cannot escape from allegations of being “biased” or “incomplete”, given that the Samsung corporate culture was contrasted with practices in Western rivals such as Apple – and not always in a positive light. Nevertheless, I walked away with a fascinating story and food for thought.

Q: Where can I find more information about you?
Been-where-done-what: LinkedIn profile
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